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April 2005

Closing Arguments

I think Michael Jackson may in fact be guilty of all the charges brought against him. I also think he’s going to walk and here is why: with all the stuff brought out so far in this trial there is just too much material that can be used to cast reasonable doubt in a closing […]


Somebody calling himself Jason left a comment on Phelps’ blog insinuating that he’s a dittohead who gets all his info from FOX news. See, when a liberal uses the word “neocon” or accuses someone of getting their info from FOX news, they think that takes the place of a rational argument and then they pump […]


HAHA! The guy who beat me up in the fifth grade got life in prison!!! That’s what you get! Sucka! Actually it’s not so much that he beat me up as it was the fight was just taking too long so I’m like let me go ahead and start crying then this will be over […]

The Old and the New

My attention was drawn to an article in the Washington Post about the death of a pool hall. At first blush the closing of such an establishment might not appear like much, but it’s sad when we lose the “real” places to the glossy chains. For instance, these observations were made in the article: Whatever […]

The Way We Were

Top 10 Reason Why the Mexigogue Should be the Next Pope

10. I’m not Catholic. Time to shake things up. 9. People would have to kneel down and kiss my ring when they approached me. I would like that. 8. Maybe some of those setup jokes would actually come to life, i.e., Mr. T, a blind midget, and the Pope walk into a bar. . . […]


This pisses me off. First of all let me preface by saying I don’t like Pat Buchanan, I think his protectionist and xenophobic views are bad for America and what’s more my money says he’s a racist. But that does not justify some jackass dousing him in salad dressing during an appearance he was making […]