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April 2005


April 19, 1970- It was a rainy day in the dusty West Texas town of San Angelo. It was a fateful hour for humanity. At 8:05 a.m. Central time (9:05 in Michigan) I punched my way out of the uterus shouting “OH YEAHHHH” like the Kool-Aid man. The attending doctor had a pair of scissors […]


These are some drawings my daughter did over the weekend. Socially she’s so non-standard and reticent at one point you would have thought she was autistic. When she was four she wouldn’t speak. When she was hungry she’d lead me into kitchen by my hand and then point to the cereal. But these drawings she […]


I wrote a blog entry last April about a game of 21 I played against my son. He was about to turn 14 at the time and I barely beat him so I thought it was noteworthy. Now he just turned 15 and he’s taller than me so we went back out to play again. […]

Credibility in the MJ Trial

MAY DAY! MAY DAY! Confronted with questions about a report she made against her ex-husband accusing him of molesting her daughter, the woman refused to answer the question directly and instead turned to the jury again and said, “No, he’s wrong.” But after a verbal tug-of-war of words between the witness and lawyer, she agreed […]

It’s Inherent

My daughter is getting picked with in school because she’s self conscious and she walks too stiff with her hands balled up at her sides. When I was in junior high school I got picked with because I was self conscious and I walked too stiff with my hands balled up at my sides. It’s […]

I Hate People (II.)

I’m shooting pool the other day getting ready to end the night having drunk about a pitcher and a half of beer. I’m kind of trying to win the game, kind of just passing time as I know my accuracy has decreased via Budweiser. I have a tough shot which requires some even tougher BS […]

Matchups of the Day

Who would win in a straight up fight? Why? Joan of Arc v The Penguin The Thing v Alan Alda Gary Coleman v Webster Razor v Detroit Hacksaw God v Charles Darwin Jane Fonda v Michael Moore Jesse (The Body) Ventura v Terri (The Body) Shiavo Judge Wopner v Judge Judy Judge Joe Brown v […]


I was at Waldenbooks yesterday (lest anyone think this is free publicity their Dostoevsky collection at the Meridian Mall outlet SUCKS!) and I made my selection. I decided to buy The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Nice Rack was nice enough to give me Atlas Shrugged so I’ve already read that one but I wanted to […]

Organized Religion is Sooo Not Tits

Hitting an 8 ball three rails into the corner pocket to win the game? Tits! Playing the pull tab machine and going home with more money than you started out with? Tits! Your mom making you go to church on Sunday morning so you can sit among a lot of credulous people who you have […]

In the News

Sunday’s protest by about 20,000 protesters in two cities in the southern Guangdong province followed Saturday’s angry demonstration at Japan’s embassy in Beijing. About 10,000 Chinese surrounded Japan’s consulate in Guangzhou, capital of the Guangdong province, carrying anti-Japanese banners and Chinese flags while they sang, shouted and chanted. Several Japanese flags were burned. Who else […]