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April 2005

Sound Recording

Listen to the Sound recording of the rap!!! It was so dope I had to throw horns!

Moses from the “D” vs Some Geese (the Rap)

The other day I was reading this post on Phelps’ blog and I came upon a story in the comment section from the “D” describing his being chased around the golf course by geese. Now he is a big dude and there is nothing funnier that comes to mind than him getting punked by some […]


More tripe

Tawdry Spectacle

Due to the likelihood that SurfControl might still have me blocked from the blog at work, I’m posting here what I had asked Phelps to post for me yesterday before he though it was more important to laugh at me (which is actually pretty funny). Anyhoo, here it is. Written yesterday sometime right past noon: […]


Mexi has been busted off his own blog by Surfcontrol at his job. Apparently, they think this is a gambling blog. (There are a bunch of jokes rustling around in my head about that, but none of them are good so I’ll save you from them.) He sent me a post that he wanted me […]


Picture one Picture two


I’m all for having weird dreams and all but having one where I’m separated from my pet cockroach when I accidently fall off the sheer face of a mountain that I’ve climbed so I can snipe people on their way to the rifle range. . . That just takes the cake.Michael My uncle’s heart is […]

Friday Thoughts

I’ve been reading “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. It’s a very good book so far. On page 190 I got to this: He raised his head, as he thought of it, to look down at the door, at the foot of the door. There was nothing. It was late in the afternoon, probably past the […]


A man spit tobacco juice in Jane Fonda’s face. This kind of stuff is wrong when either side does it. I said it was wrong when when someone hit the conservative Patrick Buchanan with a pie and it is equally wrong when someone assaults Hanoi Jane like this. An unprovoked physical attack does not become […]


The Los Angeles Rapists miss the playoffs for the first time since 1994. Hehe! That’s what they get!!! Meanwhile the Miami Heat are the number one seed in the East. Debating with this dude on INTJ-Open. He’s denouncing Ayn Rand’s ideas although he’s never read any of her works. When asked why he’s attacking works […]