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March 2005

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This chick at the bar who I gave the blog address to a long while back was yelling something to me last night. I grabbed my pitcher and went over to where she was and so I could hear better and she said “I was reading your blog and it cracked me up! Blah blah […]


I went with my brother yesterday to The Palace of Auburn Hills to watch the Detroit Pistons take on Jason Richardson and the Golden State Warriors. It was to be the 2nd NBA game I’ve been to in my life (the first being the Pistons v Yao Ming and the Rockets last year) but our […]


Since that other post is going nowhere let me try again. Here is a debate I’m having elsewhere. My opponents statements are indented: Interesting concept and admittedly one I am not accustomed to. In the culture I was raised in and live in now, on both a familial and communal level and to an extent, […]

In the News

CNN reports scan shows King Tut not murdered. That’s a relief. I thought there was a killer on the loose. Bored. Keeping tabs on the Michael Jackson situation. His family called an emergency meeting to address his financial woes. Apparantly some of his employees at Neverland have not been paid recently. I suppose he can […]

Walking On Eggshells

Nowadays you have to really watch what you say at work or you can get hit with sexual harassment charges. Every word and action is suspect. It’s getting to where you can’t even wear mirrors on your shoes anymore! With that in mind I wanted to say “You’re nice looking” to a co-worker yesterday but […]

Carol and God versus Mike

I got into it with my ex yesterday. On the surface we were arguing about visitation time with the kids but as always I was swiping at her halo even as she repeatedly stabbed me with a crucifix. My life is the Crusades all over again and I keep getting cast as the Turks. According […]

An Old INTJ-Open Submission

posted February 19, 2003: This just happened in my office. This new (hick) chick at work just told me that her parents are going to come in looking for her. She said if I see two hick-looking people come in looking lost, they’re here for her. I asked (thinking about our recent postings onlist) “If […]


To continue from the theme of yesterday’s post, here is a list of American inventions that conclusively prove that capitalism is the economic system best suited for creating wealth and raising mankind’s standard of living. Here are some American inventions, in no particular order: The internal combustion engine, cotton gin, light bulb, revolver, hot comb, […]


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life, a limb for a limb. That’s justice. If you kill me but for punishment you only get punched in your grill that means you got the sweet end of the deal. That is a system that encourages criminality. If you […]

The Iranian Revolution

Cast the war talk aside. I think Iran is undergoing a cultural revolution that could rival the tearing down of the Berlin wall. I mentioned in an earlier post that Iran could be induced with western culture to become a more secular nation. I referenced an article I read “a couple years ago” in that […]