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March 2005

Politics and Stuff

Hey y’all, arent politics great? Oh yeah! How about that stuff? Can’t have too much stuff you know! In other news, I have searched the world over and found the real librarian girl! It seems she’s been getting discriminated against at Harvard for being too pretty and she can’t get promoted despite her degree in […]

Playing the Monsters

Today Leroy’s team 16 plays the Leroy’s team that took first place on Monday night league last year. I’m on Leroy’s team 16 (no that does not mean we’re in 16th place but for all I know that might not be far off) and this is going to be like charging a machine gun nest. […]

The Proper Response to the Threat of Force


The Thing That Sucked!

The Michael Jackson trial is fascinating to me, not because of the question of whether or not he is guilty or innocent, but because the attorneys on both sides have their hands full. On the one hand you have Michael Jackson, the indefensible defendant, and on the other hand you have the accursor and his […]

Angry Castro

Oh, this is good. Fidel Castro is angry that he has been listed by Forbes as being among the world’s richest people. The thing is that when a capitalist accumulates riches through his own hard work and ingenuity he is proud because his goal was money. When a communist accumulates riches by co-opting other people’s […]

Choir Concert

Yesterday I broke my routine to attend my daughter’s choir concert. Why is this bloggable material? Because read it or I’ll kill you!! Anyway I was a bit apprehensive when she told me she had a solo because it brought to mind my recitation of a Spanish poem at Oak Park Elementary school back in […]

The Left Still Does Not See a Person

I have long maintained that the democrats, the so-called party of inclusion, have more racial hangups than the party they oppose. Gersh Kuntzman, New York Post writer and self proclaimed democrat, serves as a nice case-in-point with an editorial on the msnbc website. Condoleeza Rice is in her second term serving the Bush administration and […]

Beat It

One thing I still don’t get about the Michael Jackson case is why the boy would allow himself to get molested in the first place. I know he was like 12 and that he was awed by Jackson’s stardom but even someone in that position ought to know that some things just aren’t right. The […]

Mexi Makeover

Browsing the news this morning I stumbled upon the answer to what I can use to improve my mack game and help me climb up the social ladder. I need a tatoo on my forehead like THIS GUY. I don’t know why more people haven’t done this yet. It’s especially attractive with the lucky number […]

Interview Questions

Here are some sample interview questions I am posting, some from interviews I have had in the past, others I am producing off the top of my head. This is to help Nice Rack in her forthcoming job interview but hopefully these questions will be referenced by future generations and might take on an iconoclastic […]