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March 2005

Everything You Need to Know About Me You Can Learn From Monkeys

I was reading an article on ABC news regarding primate behavior that has some application to human relationships and celebrity status. While the amount of attention bestowed on celebrities might seem natural to us mere mortals, those in the spotlight often find it uncomfortable and regard it as undecidedly unnatural. Take this quote from the […]

I’m a Killing Machine

I play America’s Army using the ventrillo with my headphones like this. Don’t I look fearsome? Arrr! Ok TB, rate my brain!


A CNN news story describes a death sentence being tossed out by the Colorado Supreme Court because Bible verses were referenced by jurors during the deliberations, specifically “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” The court apparently bought the arguments of the defense attorney Kathleen Lord who said that the jurors had […]

Does Prayer Work?

I have already set out my views on whether or not prayer works in a previous post entitled “Carol and God vs Mike”. Now it seems that God (of all people) decided to put the question to practical application in that Injun school shooting (yeah I know I’ve mentioned it before but it has so […]

Better Headline

New Info

More news on that Native American Injun kid who shot up the school. Another student comes forth saying he tried to reach out to the kid because it appeared he didn’t have any friends. The student had this to say: “He looked like a cool guy, and then I talked to him a few times,” […]


I’ve been meaning to blog about this for some time but I haven’t gotten around to it. It’s killing me now so I finally have got to ask: why is it that cats only know one word? Meow. What the %$@* kind of vocabulary is that??? Look up the English-to-cat dictionary and you will see […]

R’s questions

“R” asked me to answer the following questions on my blog so here goes: Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Grushenka from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov.” The bitch was beautiful, curvy (not too skinny), and just plain evil in a way although she messed up and started getting altruistic toward […]

Homosexual Pig-Fucking Spammers

I don’t want trackbacks for Texas Holdem on the blog. I don’t want links to bestiality sites. You spammers need to quit because you suck and when you die and meet Jesus he’s going to stab you in the eye with a stick and rip your nuts off! Spammers are the bastard love children of […]

Guns Don’t Kill People, Chubby Injun Kids Do

Here it comes again. Native American nazi kid shoots up school. The ‘gun are bad’ crowd loves stuff like this so they can rail about how evil guns are and once again clamor for a ban (as if legislation will cancel out the law of supply and demand, we see how that works with the […]