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February 2005


I was called at work yesterday on a secret mission to change the business cards for the Division Manager. It seems the name of the Division is changing but I’m not allowed to tell anybody yet. We’re no longer even going to have the words HIV/AIDS and STD in the name of the Division itself. […]

Hostage Trade

I know it’s the US policy not to ever negotiate in hostage situations but this time we really ought to give in. It seems an Iraqi group called the Al Mujahedeen Brigade posted a picture on a website of what they say is an American Special Forces hostage being held at gunpoint. They are threatening […]

The Vote

An excerpt from a CNN story about the Iraqi vote. One of the first to vote was President Ghazi al-Yawar, a Sunni Muslim Arab with a large tribal following, who cast his ballot inside Baghdad’s fortress-like Green Zone. He emerged from the booth with a smile, his right index finger stained with bright blue ink […]