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February 2005

No Internet/Good Day

I got home this weekend to find that I had no internet access. So that’s what all those bills were about. I called Ameritech and they said they would have it back on as soon as I made payment. I told them Monday. Then they said “Pay your bills foo!” So this weekend my kids […]

Old Post Rehashed

It seems my one year blogiversary came by on February 5 and I didn’t notice. The Mexigogue is one year and 20 days old now. More than a full year now (358 entries, to be exact) and I’m still doing basically what I did at the beginning which is vying for attention like a quadruple […]

Sonya Blair

Today’s post was inspired by a post from the “D” where he writes about his reservations about his high school son’s dating. Reflecting back on my high school years I really knew nothing at all when it came to relationships which made me pretty much the same as I am now except for the fact […]

Divergent Views

One of the best things about blogging is that you have to test your mettle (no, not metal TB, down boy!) Back in the old days if you thought you were smart or that you were upon Right Knowledge you could either just sit back and stew in your own brilliance or you had to […]


Every so often in the pool league you will play an opponent with a physical disability of some kind. Rather than having an easy time as some might expect you will find that these can be some of the most tenacious players you will ever face. I can only imagine that these players take it […]

Faulty Premises

I’ve been re-reading Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” and I’m surprised to have happened upon the answer to an ethical riddle. The question which was asked in philosophy class I sat in on once was “Is it ethical to kill one innocent person if in doing do you save the lives of ten other innocent […]

Murder/Suicide Attempt

Chanel 5 news in Akron Ohio posted a story about a mother who attempted to jump off a bride with her six year old daughter. The police showed up on the scene and grabbed the woman before she could jump and arrested her for child endangerment. The child is safe now so that makes for […]


I was someplace last night watching a game of poker in progress. It might have been Texas hold’em, I’m not really sure but it was a game in real life which is the only way to play it, damn the internet gaming industry that keeps spamming my blog. Part of fun is just being there […]

Strange Fruit!

So I’m at Leroy’s last night and there’s this dude there who is flaming, flamboyant, whatever you want to call it. We’ll say he was fancy. Well fancy-boy is singing scary-okey and got all the female mannerisms, an awful voice, and he looks gumpy. He’s the kind of guy where you go hey, if I […]


I was reading an article in the Detroit News this morning about Detroit residents finding suburban jobs inaccessible due to transportation. It’s one of the things that struck me when I first started driving to Detroit for my job. I’d look at the neighborhoods and say where do people around here work? I’d see houses, […]