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January 2005

Ayn Rand Misunderstood

I was on a message board where some Rational Objectivists were debating some slack jawed yokels who were making absurd attacks on Ayn Rand. It was apparant from their arguments that some of them were not familiar with her works at all and were arguing from second hand accounts of what they thought her philosophy […]

Freedom of Speech (Part II)

A judge in Texas has granted a temporary restraining order against schools in Plano Texas which had implemented a policy preventing a student from handing out candy canes with religious sybolism on them. This means that, for the time being, the student can pass out the religious candy. This, depending on your viewpoint, is either […]

Westside Deli

In 1987 I was working at a pizza place called Westside Deli on Lansing’s north side. I was 17 years old and my job was my obsession (this was in the pre pool and Leroy’s days). I was damn good at making pizzas and in the slow hours I’d spar with my Laotian co-worker Arigna […]

F the FCC and F NOW

Read this 1. It is unethical for NOW to try to get people who didn’t even listen to the radio show to complain to the FCC. 2. What business is it for NOW to say what the radio should have given away? If NOW wants to give something away, go right ahead but don’t bitch […]

Circuit Court

lady: Hi, I’m stupid! I’m going to act against my own interests and that of my children by applying for a divorce even though I’m not financially able to deal with the repercussions. This is clearly an irrational move that means I’m probably unfit to be a parent. One ticket to poverty please! clerk: Not […]

A Case of the Mondays

Is it too soon to start referring to that big Asian storm as “the Poo Nonny”? I finally had that dream. This pool player told me yesterday that she had a dream that she got so good at pool that Ramiro called her up wanting to play for money. They agreed to ten games, a […]

The Rose Bowl

Say what you want about the BCS, it’s better for college football than the old bowl invitational system. Under the old system Michigan would have played undefeated USC in the Rose Bowl and undefeated Oklahoma would have played somebody else. We then might have been left with two undefeated teams at the end and everybody […]