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January 2005

Back in the Day

Back in 1993 my friend Bernard came over. I was living with my kids’ mom back then and she was a goody-two shoes so when Bernard asked me if he could smoke a joint I told him to go out onto the patio. Smoking weed is not my thing but I wasn’t mad at it […]

Russ Martin/Fight Club

I sent an e-mail to Russ Martin of the Dallas based radio show of the same name. His show is funnier than an ex wife in a tsunami so I had to write and tell him as much. Add to that that I’m tired of hearing the flat midwest dialect so a show with a […]

Martin Luther King Day

Today is the day we have set aside to remember Martin Luther King and his victories with the Montgomery bus boycott and the historic “I Have a Dream” speech at the nation’s capital. By drumming King into the nation’s consciousness as the embodiment of the civil rights movement, it is also the day we have […]

Mi Familia II.

I cooked cow tongue yesterday and made tacos out of it, and since my family never cooked cow tongue I naturally thought of them. It is with this in mind that I decided to post a picture of my family in 1950-something. I’m not sure if this picture was taken in Mexico or in the […]

Bad Logic

Before getting a gmail account, my main e-mail account used to be fetus_punter@yahoo.com. People used to wonder at such a bizarre name for an online account and my rationale was that I was attacking bad logic. I had been in a debate on abortion (which I really don’t have a strong opinion about one way […]

Blank Out

We have some people over here that need to just go drive around in the fog. Freaking people never cease to amaze me! We begin today with a huge crisis because an all important document that someone had one disk can’t be opened because it has been corrupted. What can be done? “Once those things […]

America’s Army

So I’m playing America’s Army online yesterday and the mission is to shut down an enemy oil pipeline. There are three different valves my team has to shut down and I team up with another player to head for the exterior valve. Most people play this game like cowboy shootem-up but I want to do […]


I was having a political conversation with someone and they remarked about the cost of the war and it’s economic effect on “the working class people like you and me”. Internally I bristled because I don’t think of my world as a caste system broken down by economic class. I don’t think that just because […]

I have exactly eight one dollar bills in my pocket. I know this because this morning I wondered how many I had and I counted them. No lie, it went like this: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated. Behold the power of the television. The news showed this rescue […]


Whooped somebody’s dumb ass, what the fuck are you doing coming up into Leroy’s trying to bet money motherfucker, I’m the first line of defense, if you beat me you have to beat Dave then you have to beat Ken then you have to beat Willie then you have to beat Dave Shaefer then you […]