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December 2004

This Year In Review

In the pre-blogging times all the events of the past year would be as a blur to me. My time frames normally get screwed up and I tell a story about something that happened “about four months ago” and it turns out to be a year and a half old. But now, thanks to the […]

$$$ and Burritos!

I dreamed of stacks of money last night. It must have been inspired by my seeing Zach hustle another player out of about $350 last night, seven consecutive $50 games. So last night I dreamed of stacks of cash and I also dreamed of burritos. This morning I wake up and I have the day […]

Academia and Politics

Here’s an interesting snippet from a recent CNN article regarding the acamedic world and politics: A recent study by Santa Clara University researcher Daniel Klein estimated that among social science and humanities faculty members nationwide, Democrats outnumber Republicans by at least seven to one; in some fields it’s as high as 30 to one. The […]

Missing Coffee Cup

I got to work 45 minutes early this morning. The first thing I did was to brew a pot of coffee. Then I logged on to the computer and heated up some breakfast food, and went to the restroom mirror to make sure that I don’t have lint on my person or dry skin that […]

Can You Hear Me Now? (Part II)

A story about a guy who got shot in the head for not giving up his cell phone from an ABC news article: Taylor told The Macon Telegraph he was walking to a friend’s house around 9 p.m. Monday when a man approached him and asked to use his cell phone. “I said, ‘No,’ then […]

Who Is The Mexigogue???

Here is a totally undoctored photo of me. I’m a bad motha (shut’cho mouf!) Pimpin’ ain’t easy. . . unless you’re me! I’m so cold I can walk around outside in a t-shirt while the snowmen are throwing on extra scarves and bubble coats! I’m SUPA BAAAAD!

An Atlas Shrugged Exerpt

From Ayn Rand’s novel: “Whenever anyone accuses some person of being ‘unfeeling’, he means that that person is just. He means that that person has no causeless emotions and will not grant him a feeling which he does not deserve. He means that ‘to feel’ is to go against reason, against moral values, against reality. […]

My Politics

“These neighborhoods are still poor” I said “because when affirmative action came into play and people from here started to get jobs they didn’t reinvest in their communities. They didn’t build this place up, they moved out.” I wasn’t really voicing my own thoughts, it was something that I had read in a book and […]

Yahoo Denies Request from Family of Dead Marine

The Associated Press is reporting that the family of a Marine who died in combat has been denied access to his E-mail account raising privacy and family rights issues. “I want to be able to remember him in his words. I know he thought he was doing what he needed to do. I want to […]


I never take time off during the holidays. My one solace in life is that during the Christmas season everyone else takes time off work so they can have extended vacations and I always choose to work because it’s always dead and I’m able to catch up on stuff without having to be bothered with […]