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November 2004

Polish Terrorist

Ok, give Cosmic Siren credit for calling this one like two weeks ago. She asked if we thought that John Kerry’s supporters might be more likely than Dubya’s to do something stupid if their candidate lost. Well some dude from Georgia took the cake. According to abcnews.com, this guy drove to New York City and […]

Is Dubya Stupid?

Aiden commented that it is evident that Dubya is stupid and that the US has become the laughingstock of the world. But is Dubya really stupid? Think about it: I quote UNLV from half a year ago when we were debating prisoner of war ethics: This war is being fought for the same reasons all […]

Deep Mystery

I’ve always wondered. . . If you move into a house that has roaches. . . but you’re moving from a house that had roaches. . . and you bring some of the old roaches with you. . . do the old roaches and the new ones go to war? Or do they all makes […]


It’s day two end the end of the election and it’s just now getting to where I can spontaneously bust out laughing here at work while plausibly being able to argue that I’m not laughing at my coworkers’ post election reactions (which I am). Two people I know commented that every single thing they voted […]

Proposition Two

It looks like Prop Two (defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman) has passed in Michigan by a landslide. This deals a blow to the proponents of gay marriage in this state, at least until it can be constitutionally challenged. I’m putting a link at the bottom of this page showing […]

Proposals One and Two

This may reach someone before they get to the polls. I meant to post this yesterday but my ISP was down all day. Anyway, here goes: Regarding proposal two which would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, this is a shining example of how government should never have gotten into […]