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November 2004

NBA 2003 Live

I was getting pretty good at NBA 2003 live during the week when my kids left the game here. Then today I created a player based on me, which is to say my actual height and characteristics. I assigned my player the nickname “The Hurt” and put him on the New Jersey Nets. I put […]

Animated .gif Files

My son is going to make some animated .gif files that I plan to give links to soon. Here is a link to one I made last year. When you open this page scroll down towards the bottom and you’ll see it. It’s a dude kicking at you. Not the dude kicking at the top […]

Who’s Using Who?

From an ABC interview with Michael Scheuer, former CIA analyst who headed the Bin Laden Unit: Scheuer: I think one thing we can learn is that he is truly a man of his word. The single most important thing to understand the enemy we face is to review what he said since 1995, because his […]

Giant Draws!!!

I can blog about this because I think I finally killed my inability to get drawback on the cue ball demon. For years my pool game suffered from my inability to master this shot. Basically it’s like any other shot in pool, you want to make your object ball in a pocket but in doing […]

It’s Done!!!!!!

I bring you the very first confrontation between Thuperman and Escalatario!!!!! When I first put the image up it was too big to see all at once so I just resized it. It should work ok now. At any rate, without any further ado, I give you THE FIRST ENCOUNTER!!!! (you can tell I think […]

Whoose Inkompetent?

They’re everywhere. . . People who are dumb but do not know it. People who are exceptionally bad at something and keep right on plugging along, oblivious to the fact that that other people are jamming fingers in their ears at their singing, cringing at their jokes, or shaking their heads at their pool shots. […]

Veracity in Lectures

I’ve been debating with myself about whether or not to post this. It’s a helluva situation but it hits very close to home. My fourteen year old son got a lecture from his mom about some less than stellar grades. He said I should be expecting a call from her but he one point of […]

Yasser Arafat Dies

Yasser Arafat dies. Now comes the great opportunity for his rival Nossir Araskinny. More details as the situation develops.

Pool Hustling

Went to the Green Door with Bernard. Won $3 betting on Bernard and $5 betting on myself (twice). Bought courvoisier with winning. Working out of the office today so unable to blog. Don’t even have time to read Aiden’s comments. Hold it down for me. Peace!

Another Superhero

I’ve already given you the super villian Escalatario. Now I’m adding an all new superhero to go against him. It is here: the long awaited arrival of Thuperman! He doesn’t really do much, except maybe just chase some kangaroos. Something tells me he’s from Australia.