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November 2004


I rode to Brighton with my co-worker Kelley for a meeting today. This is a picture of the back of her head. Isn’t she just beautiful? Pantene hair! Wow. This view completely takes my mind off the fact that she has a baby arm growing out of her face. No, not really. I couldn’t show […]

Out of Town

Going to a meeting out of town today. Unable to hit the blog. Yesterday I called this chick who I shall leave unnamed since I just gave her the blog address. It was like the first time in a year I’ve called a new phone number. I wanted to be smoothe: her: hello? me: Hey, […]

Please Take My Money as I’m Too Stupid to Have It

We were all at the spot shooting pool. Everyone was there: Dave, Ken, Lauri, Old Cheating Joe, and Rever. I was kicking back waiting for my turn at the table when I saw a fish. This wiseass Mexican dude who had come in one day and tried to hustle Shawn Allison. Now for those who […]

Nasty Pastors

The mother of my two middle children and I have had countless religious debates regarding the things she says to our children. My theological knowledge base is more extensive than hers but she always falls back on the “The pastor says this” or “Are you a pastor?” I’ve always considered this a non point but […]


I was reading this morning about a man who committed suicide by jumping off the Empire State building. A comedian once speculated about this. I can’t remember who it was but he said: I imagine it would go something like this: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (gasping inhaaaaale) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Yahoo! Pool

I was playing Yahoo! Pool online last night when I noticed that TB was on (I had just activated my Messenger for like the 3rd time in three years). Remembering his offer to play me in pool, I fired off a message. After a quick affirmation, we were playing a rated game (I was 1400-something […]

Things On My Desk

I’ve been waiting all night to come to the office and take these pictures. Lest you think the title of this blog is not important enough to warrant your clicks, I tell you otherwise. The pictures of these things on my desk tell the whole story of who I am with no words required. In […]

Mexigogue Takes Walt Frazier Off the Dribble!

Click here to see how BAD I am!!!When you click on the link, click where it says “click here”.

Coffee and This Chick

Phelps has the best coffee rant ever on his blog. That reminds me I haven’t blogged about coffee in a while. Things have been going pretty good over here since I chased away the coffee slacker(s). Mornings are great, bleary eyed recovering from pool shooting and drinking, tossing down cup after cup of Starbucks until […]

Hey Fuck You, He’s with Me!

The White House is playing down an incident in Chile at an official dinner with world leaders where President Bush jumped in the middle of a fracas between US Secret Service agents and Chilean security guards to come to the aid of one of his bodyguards. The story on CNN has it like this: According […]