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October 2004

Bin Laden and Michael Moore

According to a report on ABCnews.com,Al Qaeda’s latest video message shows that it is apparant that Bin Laden has watched Michael Moore’s “Faranheit 911”. An excerpt from the article: Bin Laden even appeared to have watched U.S. director Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which shows Bush first hearing news of the Sept. 11 attacks while […]

Friday Comments

There is this one chick at work who reads the blog but on the down low. She doesn’t comment but she said she died laughing at UNLV’s Bob comment. She said he nailed his character in a nutshell without ever having met him and she also agreed that we should make him into a character. […]

And That is What’s Important

Yesterday as I drove the state vehicle to my coworker Lavonda’s house in the boonies, I was apprehensive about seeing her daughter for the first time since the accident. The vehicle had rolled throwing Megan 30 feet, doing some serious damage. She has since emerged from a coma, cheating death but the word now was […]

Texas Judge Throws a Party

I tell everyone I know the judicial system in Texas is tougher than lion meat. A story I read this morning just confirmed that. It seems a Texas judge threw a party in his courtroom for the return of a fugitive and then sentenced him to life in prison. The party was complete with balloons, […]

Stephanie Works the The Double Deuce!!!!!

Stephanie was a waitress that made me lose my mind a while back. Then she disappreared off the face of the planet but now she’s back in new and improved form at the Double Deuce Saloon 4519 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. She makes all the other women I’ve ever met look like football players.


I finally got the movie “The Shining” because my children are into scary movies and we’re making a point of watching all the old classics. We watched it in the light of day when it was safe I wouldn’t be scared out of my wits. The movie began began fairly well although I thought the […]

Needle on the Record

When I was eight years old in the late ’70s I was like this generation is the shit! We are the coolest era ever. We have all the right style (long hair and afros), hip vernacular (I can dig it), and the best music of all time. How can all other generations have been so […]

More Debate

Aidan posted again and I am pleased to see some well articulated debate. I still disagree with his viewpoint but now that we’re getting more content out there I can say exactly why. I’m posting it piece by piece: People in the states get some kind of pension or superannuation after they retire, right? Pundits […]


School says Halloween disrespectul to witches. Personally I don’t celebrate Halloween. Dressing up as something scary does not seem exciting to me and I don’t like panhandlers no matter how clever their custumes. I also don’t think schools overseeing events for kids to parade around in costumes is a good use of time so if […]

Hissy Fit

HAHAHAAHA!!! I did it again! My blog elicits a hissy fit from Aidan. Rather than respond in yesterday’s comments where this might become buried, I will address them in today’s entry. Aidan’s first comment: Get a clue. A vote for Libertarian is, in practice, a vote for George W. Bush. Why do you think Michigan […]