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September 2004

Slangin’ Coffee

So I’m at work grinding up the coffee beans for the next batch (I’ve long since given up the idealistic hope of any coffee making justice in this wretched place) and I was thinking that if coffee were suddenly made illegal people would probably grind up coffee and sell it in packets on the street. […]


It just ocurred to me that 500 years from today we’ll all be dead and buried. . . so this week will be really inconsequential by then. There, I feel a lot better now! hooooo! (smiling)

An Entrance

(Mexi enters the room) Man in the Yellow Hat: THERE you are! Mexi: Not now Mr. Hat. (grabs the microphone) Lauri is gone from the blog. It’s my fault. I was wrong. Sorry guys. Sometimes I don’t know how to act, and when I try to make it better, it only gets worse. My bad. […]

A Rachael Story

To give you all some background on the newest person to hit up this blog, I met Rachael back in 2002 when they used to hold these karaoke contests at The Point After. This is back when I used to hang out with M—— but some days I would inexplicably hang out by myself and […]