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September 2004

Coming Back (Like Herpes)

I’m back. It was a great vacation. All my stress was gone. Now I’m back here again where people are super friendly. . . and it’s getting on my nerves. BAD!!! I need to be a shut-in. One person here said she thought I had gone and joined the circus. I said “When you’re really […]

Look Ma, I Graduated!!!

If you read nothing else today, read this link. A child molester graduated from the sex offender program in California and was released, despite disagreement between two psychologists treating him on whether or not he is ready to re-enter society. It seems that Chester (names have been changed to protect the identity of Brian Devries, […]

Basketball Revisited

I posted about basketball back in April when I played my son who was going on fourteen in a game of 21. Anybody who knows me knows I don’t play basketball as a rule, but back in the day we used to play a lot of games. I used to play a passable game unless […]

Criminal Tipping

A man was arrested for leaving too small a tip in New York. The long and short of it is that his group was unhappy with the service they had received at a restaurant and decided to leave a 10% tip rather than pay the 18% gratuity that is normally added to bills at that […]

The Mary Kaye Lady

Congratulations are in order! It looks like Mary Kaye Letourneau and her former student are looking to get married. They might as well. It seems nobody can keep the teacher and her former sixth grade student apart, prison and court injunctions be damned. I’ve always thought this story was funny when it first broke out […]

The Vietnam Record

According to CNN, more details are emerging on Dubya’s military record on the Vietnam era. Woo hoo. I’ve avoided this whole military service record debate because it’s simply too boring. I don’t care what either presidential candidate did about their military obligations for that bullshit war thirty something years ago. I didn’t care that Bill […]

The Blog is a Drug

This blog is a drug. I don’t mean this to sound conceited because the part that hooks you are not my day-to-day posts but rather the interaction that happens with all the cool people on this list and their funny comments. The blog is not an individual, it is a machine, and it’s bigger than […]


For my first day of vacation today, I’m going to be. . . . . working. Drywall or something. Shweet! I just kind of walked into that one. I was at the bar telling this dude I’m on vacation for 9 days. He said hey you wanna do some work with me and Quincy, putting […]


I was thinking that I never did a collaborative writing but then I remembered back when my friend Monique had this idea that we could write a bestseller together. Her idea was that she’d write a paragraph or so then I would write a little and we’d go back and forth. The idea was a […]

A Declaration

I’m done with Leroy’s. Last night was my last night. I only went there because Rachael was going to be there (and she was and I had a great time seeing her again, woo hoo!) But no mas. Going out every night is not normal, it was a reaction to Halima leaving back in August […]