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September 2004

The Fake G

I sang “Stormy Monday Blues” last night at Leroy’s. It’s not a song I would normally sing. It’s G’s song but G got banned like a year ago so he hasn’t been around in a long time. When I sang it, I was actually doing a parody of his singing style. Nice Rack got it […]

Sexual Harassment Training

They’re making everybody in my office go through sexual harassment training. I hate this. This issue has popped up from time to time ever since I’ve been here (ten years). The thing that gets me is that when an issue comes up like one we had eight years ago (fifty something year old man leans […]

I’m Not a Hippie

I’m not a hippie. I don’t love everybody, hell I don’t even like most people. I don’t desire world peace and I’m not particularly disturbed when people I don’t know get shot. But I desire good will with all people who get on this blog because you’re all cool as hell. For the love of […]

The Young and the Restless

Rachael sends me an e-mail this morning that says “Post dammit, I’m bored!” Ok, number one: who died and made me the entertainment monkey? And number two, y’all don’t need me. You’ve got your very own soap opera cast right here. You’ve got: UNLV who is like Jack Abbot from Young and the Restless with […]

The Problem with Child Support

Preface I have been itching to write an essay on this subject for quite some time but I was concerned about alienating people who are close to me. I have one friend who helped put together child support legislation in another state, another friend who receives child support payments, and a close relative who works […]


These people tried to sacrifice a 21 year old chick to me at the bar the other night. This middle aged lady was leading this girl by the hand through the bar. The girl had her head down and her eyes were looking up like they were going to roll to the back of her […]

I Have an Answer for Everything

I was in an online discussion that evolved into interpersonal relationships and dating. What follows is one guy’s comments about womens’ attitudes toward tough guys and then my response. I like when discussions take turns like this. > > Isn’t this the prevailing thought of women though? > I have come across many women who […]

Mexi on the Lamb

I must be getting popular. The police called me and said to stick around, I’m a person of interest! No, just kidding. This blog is about this roast lamb I’m making. I poked holes into this lamb shoulder blade and jammed half cloves of garlic into it all around. Then I took like some corriander, […]


In January 1993 I was working through a temp service and landed my first assignment with the State. I was assigned to the Michigan Insurance Bureau filling in for some administrative person who was on a medical leave. Since I had never worked in a State office before, the staff didn’t expect too much out […]

It’s Not Easy Being Me

I’m in the office today helping somebody submit an online nomination for an award for this guy. The lady keeps reading aloud how he’s being nominated for the “Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Award.” I’m like mheh! ‘wood!’ ha ha! ‘Johnson’! She gives me a funny look. She reads it again and again. I […]