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August 2004

Thursday Notes

1. My name entered as a google search brings up this web log as the #1 hit. For a few weeks I was second behind some other jackass with my name who was mentioned in a Rodeo Parade website. Now I’m in my rightful place. 2. Happy birthday Lauri. She’s 26 today. She still on […]

Mike Wallace Got Street Cred

This reads like something you would expect from a young rapper trying to bump up his street credibility. Two TLC inspectors saw that Wallace’s vehicle, registered with the commission, was double-parked and approached the driver. According to Fromberg, while the two inspectors were questioning the driver and checking the vehicle, Wallace came out of Luke’s […]

Jury Consulting Ethics

There is an article on CNN discussing the ethics of a defense attorney retaining former jurors as consultants in a gang rape trial that ended in a hung jury the first time. The objections some people in the legal community have are basically that it sends a bad signal out to jurors that if a […]


I neglected to mention that Lauri is on a one week vacation from her day job as of yesterday so, since she only accesses the blog from work, she won’t be on for another week. All this interpersonal stuff is really beyond me. I’m still mourning the death of the Super Freak. Gone from this […]

Day Off/Applying for a Job?

First of all, let me say that I have today off while you suckers presumably have to work so that makes me the dog! I worked an extra five hours on Monday and we’re not allowed to get overtime so I used 3 hrs of vacation time tacked on to those extra Monday hours which […]

Number 1 Book

Ok, literature. This is one of my favorite books of all time. It changed my life. Who else has been affected or moved in some way by this timeless classic? I need testimonials.

Majority Rule vs Unilateral Action

We took an interesting digression yesterday when we got on the subject of consensus versus individual initiatives. Hitler is the most obvious example of an individual imposing his will on the masses. But I decided to search historically and see how others in this position have fared. I give you Moses. Some people dispute whether […]

Town Hall Meeting with Michigan Representative John Conyers

Yesterday I attended a Townhall Meeting in the city of Detroit with Michigan Respresentative John Conyers (14th Congressional District). The subject was HIV/AIDS and the funding of the Ryan White Care Act and ADAP programs. Attendance was rather sparse but the die-hard health care workers and advocates for PWAs (persons living with AIDS) were in […]


My boss is very strict. And she’s very religious. Lots of things you can’t say and do around her. Well she’s in Okemos today and she’s standing over my shoulder while I’m working. Dammit, I prefer to work without someone standing there watching my every move. I’m adjusting this PowerPoint presentation, hooking it up just […]

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Jordon

Disco Fabulous Picture My son is the one in the red