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August 2004

Shit Talkers

Last night a couple of league players from another bar came up in Leroy’s. They signed up on the board and started saying things like “The table’s ours after this” and “We might be on this table all night!” When time for their game was approaching one guy got this smug smile and said “This […]


Congratultions on your decision to devote some time to become a better employee! What follows will be a series of exercises you can use and tips to become a better employee. These tips will help you in the business world. These tips were developed by some of the best minds on my block. Various studies […]

The Pool Team Comes Back

A while back I blogged about my pool team breaking up and going their seperate ways. It was a nice run, in one year together we learned a lot. I wasn’t mad about it. Then this past week the two players I thought most likely to jet have expressed the desire to come back with […]


September 1986: I am 16 years old and living in exile on the outer reaches of civilization, San Angelo Texas to be exact. For those of you who have not been to West Texas, think Hee Haw, only with wild cactus, mesquite trees, and actual tumbleweed blowing across the terrain. I escaped to Lansing for […]

El Diablo’s Revised Hit List

1. the real Michael 2. Guy in the UNLV Jacket

Formative Years

Many people don’t know this about me. I’m actually a twin. My earliest memories involve me playing with my twin brother Michael. I was actually called Michael number two. We had all sorts of fun together. We were, like, identical. I always got along well with all my siblings but Michael and I were the […]

First Aid

I was reading about this three year old who choked to death while eating popcorn at a movie theater. Sad story. His father had this to say: “I was trying everything,” his father, Eddie Riley, told the Daily News in Tuesday’s editions. “I was trying to put my finger down his throat. I didn’t feel […]

Betty Hutton

Done with Evanescence. Today I have a CD with Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee, the Andrew Sisters, and Betty Hutton. Big band swing music is the shit! I couldn’t get Betty Hutton’s voice off my mind so I looked up a website. Not bad looking! Then I noticed the page says she’s still alive and […]

Olympic Games

Yesterday my fourteen year old and I awaited the US Olympic basketball game with the impatience of a wino waiting for noon on Sunday. The US team, while missing some of the best names in the game (Shaq, Kobe, Kevin Garnett, Vince Carter, et al) is still fielding some marqee players. Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, […]

Drug Use and Legality

This piggybacks off of Dave’s comment yesterday regarding people deciding to use drugs that they know good and well got other people totally jacked up. Different angle here though. When I first joined an INTJ list a few years back, we debated everything under the sun and then some. Many of my viewpoints have remained […]