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August 2004


Hey, you know what’s real funny? When you get mad at somebody for playing with matches so you stick a knife in their head and then recommend they go get it looked at! HAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!! That’s great stuff!!!!


You know what I hate? When, like, your uncle gets run over by a marshmellow truck. . . and at the funeral. . some jackass says to you, “I know exactly how you feel.” Oh really? So you had an uncle who got run over by a marshmellow truck too? No???? Then goddammit you don’t […]


It just ocurred to me that I might be getting some new hits now that Rachael has linked me in her blog so I find it appropriate that I issue my manifesto or talking points or whatever. 1. To each what he earns 2. Reaching into your own pocket to help your fellew man is […]

Rachael’s Blog!!

Haha! Rachael has a blog! For those who don’t remember, she’s the one who, when I posted her picture on my blog, made me take it back off. Now I get to make rude comments to her blog!

The Changing of the Guard

I took my son to Lansing Eastern High School yesterday so we could square away some paper work before school starts and have him find his locker. It’s his freshman year so he has to be pretty excited but I think the trip there yesterday was even more fun for me. It’s been twenty years […]

US Olympic Basketball

Huh? I slept through it? Wahappen??

The Program

My oldest son is getting ready to start high school. His mom was trying to get him into Catholic Central but she gave up on that idea a little while back. Now she’s got him enrolled in my old high school even though she didn’t want him in a public school. His scores are so […]

The Blog is Back Up!!!!

Now I forgot what I was gonna say. . . . . . . . hmmmmmmm.. . . . . . . . ..

Another Gold

Our lesbians are tougher than your lesbians!

Safety Patrol Confessions

As a fourth grader at Post Oak Elementary School in 1979 I finally attained my lifelong dream of becoming a member of the Safety Patrol. I was excited and full of youthful exhuberance. I was going to be a force for truth and righteousness. My fellow Safety Patrol rookies and I were going to change […]