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July 2004


No. . .


How’s this for a line of writing: The motorcyclist signaled his turn, scrupulously following all safety regulations, driving off into the sunset like some benevolent Knievel. Ok, evidently I’m running out of stuff to talk about. Hey, I have an idea. I’ll treat this blog as if it were a web log and I’ll talk […]

Computer Help

At some point I became the computer helpdesk for people I know. Yesterday this chick I used to see called me up. She had a laptop and wanted to know what she needed to do to hook it up to the internet. She’s not really computer savvy so I figure she’s not talking about DSL, […]


When I’m at home and on the computer I spend a lot of my time downloading porn watching episodes of Southpark, The Family Guy, and even Beavis and Butthead. It’s not just that these shows are funny, but they are crude and blunt in a way that the shows from earlier times (The Brady Bunch, […]


I was just thinking last night what if I were to suddenly kick the bucket, what advice would I like to leave to my children, so last night I wrote some stuff out on a karaoke card in order to post it today (I’ll be in Detroit away from the blog.) Irita 769-23 Whoops, wrong […]


A military funeral is a moving thing. When they blew ‘Taps’ at my mother’s husband’s funeral yesterday, my initial thought was that it was sunset. Then I realized the sun was still high in the sky but the sun was setting on one man’s life. The 21 gun salute rocked. The presenting of the flag […]

Benign News

The doctors say I have something called ‘gentle warts.’ Hum. . . That doesn’t sound very bad.

Libertad de Mi Familia

It’s the 4th of July but I don’t have the usual story of how my forefathers walked down the gangplank on Ellis Island or bound and chained in the bowels of a slaveship. My grandfather came here first as a legal migrant worker from Mexico in the World War II era ‘Bracero’ program (loosely meaning […]

Mexigogue Meets Robin from the INTJ lists

Robin from the INTJ lists was in town yesterday so we made it a point to hang out. Since he’s a vegan (doesn’t eat meat, cheese, or milk products) we went to eat at an Arab restaurant first. First of all he’s got this really strange accent and he tried to convince me that everyone […]

I’m Melting!!!! What a World!!!

No, I’m not melting. What I’m thinking is finally melting is the power of the media spin to mind control our lives. There was a time not too long ago when the populace was largely at the mercy of major television news media in getting the news to form our worldview. And nobody trusts the […]