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July 2004

To the D

I’m going to the D today. Everybody let me know if you need liquor or hair care products Two to one I’ll have another jive turkey for lunch. I quit being a degenerate drug user yesterday. I feel great now (minus some shakes and nasuea). I had some REALLY messed up dreams though. I think […]

Unsubscribe Instructions

Here they are. I don’t know who originally wrote this: How to Unsubscribe from a Group Though I know you all enjoy being on this list, should you ever want to unsubscribe from it please follow these simple instructions. To unsubscribe from this service you must first purchase a Craft-O-Matic Adjustable Subscription Cancellation Unit. The […]

Pool Tournament

Dave hasn’t been on in a while so I can only presume he met with an untimely death. Anyhoo, here is my yesterday in a nutshell: I was one under par coming onto the 15th hole and I’m only two strokes out of the lead. I am playing the best golf of my life and […]

Name Change for Jap Road

I love news stories like this. Beaumont Texas recently voted to change the name of Jap Road which had orginally been named in honor of a Japanese family that introduced rice farming to the region 100 years ago but which recently had stirred controversy because the term Jap has now taken on the connotation of […]

Oh Holy Day

Heh heh heh heh heh! I did it! I finally got a digital camera this weekend and at first I thought it wasn’t going to work. I asked Lauri on Saturday if I could bring my camera down to Leroy’s and take her picture. She said no and I was distraught. $179 down the tube. […]


Ok kids. See the title of this blog entry today? It’s economics. Not Lauri’s boobs. Not shooting cum into her eyeball from a hidden spot in a tree. It’s not Lauri jumping up and down, her racking pool balls butt ass neckit on a webcam. It’s economics. M’kay? Now that we’ve got that settled, we […]


Last night I wrote an outline for what I was going to blog about today. I was going to write about some environmentalists I heard about who hammer nails into trees so that when the loggers start cutting the trees down it causes their chain saws to break. I was going to write that this […]

Race Conscious Society

I shave myself baldheaded and keep the goatee. I’m told “You look scary. You look like a terrorist.” I’m like “What about that guy in Evanesence. He’s baldheaded and he has a goatee. Does he look like a terrorist?” “No, but Michael, you’re not white.” Oh. I see. A black chick I was going to […]


Look what’s going on on this other list I’m on: — > It can be bad too though, because to escape the last > rapist, who raped > me about 7-8 times untill now, I moved 3 times, but > every time somehow > my parents got the new address, and the key to it, […]

Tarzan’s Tiger Escapes

Here is an article on CNN about a tiger that escaped from the home of a man who once played Tarzan. This is a true story. I hope CNN doesn’t change the picture of this link because if I were in Florida participating in the search for this escaped tiger, my main concern wouldn’t be […]