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June 2004

Really Cool E-mail

Hey, I was just E-mailing this girl about something and at the bottom of the E-mail I added this: Hey, when you’re like 70, and all old and busted and blew out looking, and nobody wants to be with you anymore, and your dog dies, can I move into that cage and be your dog? […]

Imaginary Dialogue

Ok, I have an active imagination. I will now relate an imaginary conversation as I’m hanging out with Dostoevsky in Russia sometime in the middle 1800s. Mexi: Hail there, my good man! Would you be so kind as to tell me when the day laborer has awoke? There is some business I would like to […]

Can this thing pull up to the drivethru first?

Phelps had a post regarding the plight of the severely overweight. First they’re made to pay double on airlines just because they take up two seats, they’re socially ostracised, and now they’re being discrminated against in emergency medical attention. This is a must-read.

Title Change

Ok. . . . I didn’t want to change the title. . . But something must be said for integrity. I’ll change it back whenever this blog has something to do with politics again. It may well be that beauty is not a virtue, but dammit it’s better on the eyes. Hell, nobody wants to […]

Leroy’s Night (written in the style of Fyodor Dostoevesky)

Michael Mexigov entered the tavern with the intention of playing billiards and perhaps washing down some fish stew with a glass or two of vodka. To his surprise, his friend Dave Fromthe”D”nikov was already there, partaking in a game with the his esteemed billiard master Rever Yousumnavich. Michael hailed the serving woman and broke some […]


My ‘fro seems to be growing in nicely. That would be entirely unremarkable except for one small detail. I’M NOT BLACK!!!! Damn, this humidity is something else. Dave remarked that when you tell childen ‘do not do this’, it makes them want to do it. This is why I’m against censorship. The Ayatollah tries to […]

Mystery Packet

The shoes I last bought came in a box with a little white packet that looks like a salt packet but says: DESICCANT SILICA GEL THROW AWAY DO NOT EAT Ok, at first I wasn’t even thinking about eating it, but I must admit, now my curiousity is piqued. Sounds like a double-dog dare to […]

Accidents, Determinism, and What Ifs

Last night my brother mentioned to me after driving to my house that there is some wicked traffic out there at times and that sometimes he thinks he’s about to have his mortality ticket cashed in. He said “Then I wonder, would you feel guilty if I got killed in an accident coming over to […]

Hypothetical Situation

Remind me not to post anything disparaging about any 11-year old Japanese schoolgirls on this blog. Those mufuckas will cut you! I guess I’m at war with this lady at work because she said hi to a group of us yesterday and I was the only one who didn’t say hi back. I think saying […]

The Ayotollah

Four out of five Ayotollahs approve of the interim Iraqi government, so it must be good. This stamp of approval goes some way to smoothing things over. I hope he had the good sense to hold out for a significant kickback from the American government. That’s why I don’t get to be the Ayotollah, cuz […]