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June 2004

Pimpin’ My Novel

Ok, today’s blog entry is going to be an exerpt of this novel I’m still in the process of writing (I’m stuck on the last part.) Anyway I thought I’d post a part of it here that I like written towards the end of the book. I’m thining of sending this section if I’m asked […]

Chicken Wars!!!!!!

Updating 9-27. Dave is up. I think. .. like 60 – 30. Now it’s time for me to kick it into third gear. I should start winning and winning and winning over and over now. I’ll pass him when we got to like 90. Jive Turkey!

Rough Night

DEEEEEEEEEETROOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! Now. . . . back to the subject at hand. . . Ooooh.. . .. just waking up. . . arrr! I helped strike a blow against male chauvinism yesterday. Lauri played this unknown dude in pool last night and, though she played rather under her level and made some uncharacteristic mistakes, she beat […]

Two Times!

My mother’s husband died yesterday after a long illness that afflicted both his body and his mind. He was in a hospice the last few weeks as we all knew the end was near. He succumbed yesterday early in the afternoon. Then, just to be showboating, the Angel of Death also took out my mom’s […]

Oh Jeez!!

Phelps has answered the call for 10 Household Uses for Homemade Napalm!

Pistons Game and Group Psychology

Last night we were at the spot watching the Pistons shutting down the Laker championship producing machine. Bodies were flying, moufs were bloodied, , there was pushing and banging. . . and that was just at Leroy’s, the game was hella-physical too! At one point Kobe tried forcing his way into the heart of the […]

Offensive Ad

Hey. . . This is the most offensive food product I’ve ever seen in my life! I can’t believe I invented it. Mexi (waiting for the cash to start rolling in. . . )

The Fires of Practical Application

Last night I was shooting pool when gvslim walked into the spot. Now, you would think that after the acrimonious debate we had in the comment section of the Prisoners, War, and Ethics post, we would be ready to kill each other. For those who don’t know, this is the debate wherein I referred to […]


Here is one way to win an argument. Stupid!

The Doggy Cage

“So,” I say to my friend Lauri last night. “When you’re all old and busted and your dog dies, I can move into the doggy cage?” “You sure you don’t wanna move in there now?” she asks. “She’s in heat. She’s always whining for me to f*** her.” Oh gross, I think to myself. This […]