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June 2004

Quote List

I was going to put together a list of “People I Admire and Would Like to Emulate” but I realize that this is all BS because people will often say something like “I admire and want to be like Jesus” and then they’ll go on a rampage knocking out 10 people in a bar brawl […]


Since I don’t want to talk about how I banked my last ball two rails into the side pocket to set up a perfectly straight 8-ball shot which I missed to lose a pool tournament, I will instead post this. This is just a hilarious subject to think about, especially if the fathers are different […]

A New Novel

Never mind that I got to page 203 of this other book I was writing and just couldn’t think of an ending. I have a great idea for a new novel and I got the idea from this blog: A group of people who know each other from, say, a blog, but not in real […]

I Hate People

No, I’m not having a bad day. So far it’s a good day in fact, but I just had to say that I hate people. This is not the same as saying that I hate all people. Some people I like, in fact, and if I act like I like you then I really do […]

The Mexigogue Takes on a Cult

This is an old story but nobody knows about it but me and perhaps Sir Courvoisier so it’s new to the rest of y’all. Here goes: Back in 1996 when I was new to the internet, I used to use my roomate’s AOL account and jump on the Islam Beliefs chatroom all the time and […]

Feeling Good About Myself

The past couple of days I’ve been feeling like a war criminal for something goofy I did recently (no I will not talk about it here as it is absurd and embarassing). But then this morning I’m reading the news about this guy who went and exposed a bunch of women to HIV without telling […]

Political Slogans

I was reading this article about the Republican campaign and I found a line that cracked me up. Implicitly, they’re also suggesting he’s out of touch with Americans. One Republican operative told the New York Times last year that Kerry “even looks French.” Ok, the mudslinging has begun in earnest now. I would really like […]

Violence and Absolute Values

It appears this girl I know got the beat-down. There’s a lot of things I can joke about but this isn’t one of them. For the record, she gave another reason why she’s severely bruised and why it hurts if somebody gives her so much as a light hug, but I know better. Violence is […]

The Japanese, Old School, and My People

There’s this article on cnn.com today about a Japanese student who was caught sleeping in class and was forced by the teacher to write an apology in blood!” It’s created an uproar of sorts over there I guess because it seems sort of barbaric, but if I were the student I’d be like “Yeah, the […]

E-Mails, Blogs, Tact (or Not)

Kelley reads the blog. She’s my co-worker, one I showed the blog too after I had written something that made me laugh my head off. Laughing at my own jokes, that’s pretty pathetic. So now, from time to time, Kelley will E-mail me with a comment about something that was written on the blog. She […]