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May 2004

Back from Hiaitus

I have been away from my computer for 72 hours housesitting for my ex. Not only was I away from my computer, I was also away from cable television and phone service. No blog, no E-mail, no clue as to what was happening in the NBA playoff games, just hanging out with four kids playing […]

Amy Lee/Foghorn Leghorn

I made this picture of Amy Lee from Evanescence my computer wallpaper here at work. She’s kind of pretty in a spooky looking, goth sort of way. I keep minimizing my work to look at her picture and she’s looking at me as if to say, “Look at me Mexigogue, I’m a spooky goth chick […]


Hey Dave, be on the lookout for Stephen. He may be armed with a cue stick. I know he supposedly moved back to Detroit but I’ll pop into Leroy’s from time to time to see if he comes back. Thank God for sport. Ken challenged me to a Crusade/Jihaad in pool the other night. He […]

House Sitting

Today I will begin house sitting at my ex-wife’s while she goes to Atlanta for a wedding. I will be hanging out with my son Jordon and his brother named something-or-other, I can’t remember. Hanging out with my son takes my back to my own childhood, those beautiful times. I remember the fun times causing […]

Imagining What’s Going On in the Celebrity Trials

“Mr. Mesereau, would you please inform your client that “Hee heeee!” is not a plea?” or: “For the last time Mr. Jackson, two 9 year olds are not the legal equivalent of an 18-year old!” Or in the R. Kelley case: “Your honor, my client requests an adjournment. He has to stay home with his […]

Democracy vs Freedom

I was looking at Neil’s blog and he references a blog entry on coxandforkum.com (hey, now I get it) that discusses Colin Powell’s response to the question of whether Iraqis should be allowed to vote in a theocratic government if that proved to be the will of the people. The answer was a resounded NO […]

Prisoners, War, and Ethics

When I was a child I saw a war movie where some enemy forces threw up their hands and surrendered. They were taken prisoner by the Americans. I asked “Why don’t they just kill them?” My brother told me “That just isn’t done. When somebody surrenders, you don’t kill them, you take them prisoner.” At […]


DAMMIT!! Tornados in the mid-Michigan area!!! I’M GONNA DIE ON PAYDAY!!! AAAAAAAAAH!!!!! The sky is black and menacing! The sky is an evil color. It looks like God has finally snapped. I should have known when the power went out at Leroy’s last night. Luckily they had a generator. Today is worse, thunderstorms and tornadoes. […]

Mexigogue Turns Advice Columnist

A member of an internet list I belong to posted an ethical dilemma and I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to take a stab at being an advice columnist. I’ve obtained permission from this person to reproduce his issue and my response here: I (male) have a friend (female), who has got a […]


Five bucks says someone in my office gets the axe this week. I don’t have any inside info. It’s just a feeling. Kelley, if you’re reading this, get back to work. Stop goofing off. You should have a work ethic like mine.