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April 2004

The Jesus Movie Will Help Me Score

Is that title so wrong? I’m supposed to be going to see ‘The Passion’ with this chick. I’ve been wanting to see this movie for quite some time. I want to hear Aramaic spoken. I want to see what all of the fuss was about. I want to see if the guy portraying Christ is […]

Old Skool Beat New Skool

I went to watch my thirteen-year old play basketball in a tournament a couple weeks ago. I was kind of impressed with the way these young kids played. They made a lot of mental errors of course but they had some good plays as well. I started wondering how good my son really was so […]

Didn’t See This Coming

Brawl Breaks Out at Anger Management Session I can’t possibly add anything to that situation to make it funnier. Or sadder. Remember, the only difference between tragedy and comedy is a laugh track.

Pirate Consultant

Explaining the finer points of pirate theory

Today’s Lesson

Ok everybody. . . Gather ’round. Kids especially. Comfy? All right. . I have something to tell you: NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITH ANYONE AT KNIFEPOINT!!!! IT NEVER ENDS UP GOOD!!! KICK!! SCREAM!!! RUN IF YOU CAN AND IF YOU CAN’T THEN CLAW SOMEBODY’S EYES OUT!!! BUT DO NOT GO UNDER YOUR OWN POWER!!! I am, […]