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April 2004

Mexi Wins an Award in Absentia

Yesterday was the awards banquet for the bca pool season that just ended. I didn’t attend for a number of reasons, foremost because I have my children on the weekend and I didn’t want to spend the day away from them. Had I known my name would be called for the highest handicap score award, […]

Secret Weapon

It’s been a tough week in Iraq and something has to be done to turn the tide of war so Dubya is unleashing his secret weapon! I guess the Iraqis are supposed to see this and say “Ooooookay. . . . a black guy playing bagpipes. Screw you guys, I’m going home!” I know if […]

Beating Another Record

Today I am the exact same age (33 years and 362 days) my brother’s dad was when he died. When the clock strikes midnight tonight I will (God willing) have beaten his record for consecutive days having stayed alive!!!! Chalk it up as another milestone for me, this has been one of my life’s goals […]

Mexi Aces the Grammar Test!!!

Oh hill yeaaaaah. . . . I is a baaaaad man! You are a Grammar God! If your mission in life is not already topreserve the English tongue, it should be.Congratulations and thank you! How grammatically sound are you? brought to you by Quizilla


Ok, I can see getting mad at your wife. I can even see getting mad enough to murder someone (I’m saying I can conceive it, not justify it). But to strangle, decapitate, and stuff your wife’s body in a suitcase for a passerby to find??? That is going waaaaay overboard. And then disposing of the […]

The Afterlife

“But an ego and a prayer don’t fit in the same room so my life ain’t nuthin’ but a cartoon without a laughtrack.” – Mexigogue Yes, I’m egotistical enough to quote myself on my own blog. But I needed a point of entry on the subject of theism versus egoism. These are in fact diametrically […]

Thoughts. . .

Have you ever been sitting on the toilet. . . pushing and straining. . . and suddenly POP! POPPOP! POP! POP!! It feels like you’ve blasted all your internal organs out? Well, that’s never happened to me. . . and if it’s happened to you, that’s pretty fucked up. Hey, if a Chinese guy isn’t […]

Faith-Based Organizations

George Bush should get the Islamic Unity Award for uniting the Shi’ites and Sunni Muslims for the first time in living memory. I must admit I was hoping I’d be the one to finally unite the ummah, perhaps with some kick ass essay that would absolve all our differences and pave the way for understanding […]

The Passion of Christ: a MexiMuslim Review

Finally saw The Passion of Christ. I must begin by saying that the brutality was graphic. I flinched with every lashing. The blood spraying through the air was so real. When punched and cursed and knocked to the floor. . . when the skin on his back welted and split and he was covered from […]

An Open Letter to my Ex

I’ve had some unresolved anger issues for quite some time. I’ve talked it over with my bartender therapist and I was told it would help if I wrote a letter to my ex, with whom I have these unresolved anger issues. I wrote the letter and, after edits from my attorney, I finally have a […]