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March 2004


Ahhhhh. . .. I’m taking a vacation day. So instead of being at work recovering from a night of shooting pool at Leroy’s, sitting at my computer listening to Evanescence and drinking coffee, I’m at home recovering from a night of shooting pool, sitting at my computer, listening to Evanescence and drinking coffee. Sometimes it’s […]

You Gotta Be Kidding

Lionel Richie’s wife is claiming that she and her husband spent in excess of $20,000 a month in her gold digging expedition seeking spousal support in their divorce proceedings. Among other things, the article claims that: Diane Richie, in a written declaration published on the Smoking Gun Web site (http://www.thesmokinggun.com), said her monthly expenses include […]

Michael Haiku

I’ve written a little poetry here and there in this life, and some of it is rather good. I don’t talk about it because I live in the ‘hood so if anybody asks I’ll just say they’re raps. But I’ve never taken a shot at writing specific metered stuff like sonnets or haiku. I’ll be […]

INTJ Like Me

Ok, those of you who have not yet taken the Myers-Briggs Personality Test should do so now. Not only will it improve your life one sixth of a percent, it will also enable you to understand the rest of this blog. My type (allegedy) is INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging.) In a nutshell, while we’re […]