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Mexi Wins an Award in Absentia

Yesterday was the awards banquet for the bca pool season that just ended. I didn’t attend for a number of reasons, foremost because I have my children on the weekend and I didn’t want to spend the day away from them. Had I known my name would be called for the highest handicap score award, […]

The End of the Pool League Season

Tomorrow will be the last pool league game for our season so there is some extra incentive for us to do well. We’re fighting for final position in the rankings and we want to finish on a positive note. My team’s female player Lauri prepared by FALLING DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS this weekend. Hmmm. . […]

Leroy’s Team Defectors

The scuttlebut is that two of my pool team players are going to form a new team next year. I wish them all the (bad) luck in the world. Really. It’s fine. Lauri can be the captain of Leroy’s team 12 next season since her penmanship is better than mine. We need to sucker Dave […]

Word Bubbles

People often ask me what I was thinking about when I took a particular shot in pool. This is because either I’m not thinking three shots ahead or I’m actually trying to think that far ahead but I don’t see an out. My standard answer is “I don’t know what I was thinking”, then I […]

Dave Marion Cheats and Sabatoges to Take an Unethical Lead in Chicken Wars!

I never thought it would come to this. . . But the Chicken Wars pool tournament to 100 has taken a turn for the unethical. My sworn enemy Dave and I were playing pool at Leroy’s the other day when I took a short bathroom break. When I got back my cue stick looked different. […]

Chicken Wars Continue!

I had intended to blog primarily about politics, economic theory, and religious commentary chok full of polemic dialectics and angry diatribes, but I found that it’s more fun to blog about pool. So dammit, here we go. My mortal enemy Dave Marion took a 3-1 lead in the chicken wars the other day (I didn’t […]

Bucket’a Chicken Wars!

The Bucket’a Chicken Wars have begun! Last night, unbeknownst to the rest of the free world, but beknownst to those of us at Leroy’s, my sworn enemy Dave Marion and I began a marathon race to 100 game pool contest for the highest of stakes: a bucket of Popeye’s Chicken (Dave, if you’re reading this, […]

Game Day

It is grudge match day as my pool team, Leroy’s team 12 plays againt the evil Leroy’s team for our only scheduled match against each other this season. A lot is at stake, not only because our teams are right next to each other in the league standings but also bragging rights and my own […]

Pool Players

Pool players are a different breed. Whether they are the ones who beat you quietly or if they talk to you while they’re at it, with the very good ones there is a certain swagger when they approach the table. How’s that Nike commercial go? I’m better than you, and I can prove it. When […]