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Last night on television they were showing the King of the Hill 8-ball Classic Shootout. It was a pool tournament included some of the best players, both male and female, in the world and featured a grand prize of one million dollars. The tournament was in a round robin format but for me what made […]

Pool and Strippers

I sank the 8-ball on a break yesterday, but that was only in the backdrop of what was going on at the bar last night. The most attention-grabbing thing was the two strippers who were shooting pool at the corner table. We knew they were strippers because they were talking about (of all things) the […]

The Hustler

I’ve often remarked when shooting pool with the regulars after some phenomenal shot that we ought to have these games on tape. “Can you image”, I would say, “after a month or two of just shooting around the collection of outstanding shots we would have? We could make a movie using only the best shots, […]


Tomorrow I go to the annual HIV/AIDS-STD Conference in Ypsilanti. I get to finally play pool against this girl from one of the health departments who I met at a work related function. She says she’s going to beat me. I say she’s not. My cue stick is on the line. I will emerge victorious […]

Leroy’s Night (written in the style of Fyodor Dostoevesky)

Michael Mexigov entered the tavern with the intention of playing billiards and perhaps washing down some fish stew with a glass or two of vodka. To his surprise, his friend Dave Fromthe”D”nikov was already there, partaking in a game with the his esteemed billiard master Rever Yousumnavich. Michael hailed the serving woman and broke some […]


About five years ago I was hanging out early at The Point After. I was at the pool table but there was nobody to play against. Fiending to play I looked around but nobody even looked interested. I walked up to one guy who was sitting by himself at the bar. “Hey man, you wanna […]


So I’m at the spot shooting pool. This wanna be hustler is there trying to get someone to play a money game but nobody is biting. This other guy walks in and I say “There goes the side pocket kid!” “The side pocket kid?” this n00b asks me. “I never heard of him but I’ll […]


Every so often in the pool league you will play an opponent with a physical disability of some kind. Rather than having an easy time as some might expect you will find that these can be some of the most tenacious players you will ever face. I can only imagine that these players take it […]


You can tell a lot about a person from what kind of things they write about. I used to keep notebooks around the house so I could start writing when I needed to work out thought processes. The end product is some scary stuff if it ever got into the hands of a psychologist. You […]


Whooped somebody’s dumb ass, what the fuck are you doing coming up into Leroy’s trying to bet money motherfucker, I’m the first line of defense, if you beat me you have to beat Dave then you have to beat Ken then you have to beat Willie then you have to beat Dave Shaefer then you […]