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I’m #one/two

Entered a pool tournament I got destroyed in twice before. Beat a shaky lady in the first round (she was literally trembling before each shot which is not the way to play in a tournament but what do I know?) Second round I played a guy who beat me in the last two tournaments (albeit, […]

Open Tables

Xiaoting Pan is now my computer wallpaper. Ice Angel, bitches!!! I went to the bar on Wednesday night to shoot pool and give my clicky-finger a rest from WoW. I was waiting for Kman when I noticed that they had opened the pool tables for the night. Since I didn’t have to pay for the […]

Fabulous Friday Pool Shooting

I was at the bar waiting for the pool shooting regulars when Mike Ryan showed up. Mike is one of the best players I know and he wanted to shoot a few games. I was like au-ight so I broke out the Lucasi I bought off of Kman when I lost my other stick. When […]


I sauntered into the place with the secret weapon slung over my shoulder. The black case contained my new 18 ounce Lucasi pool cue with a medium tip I had poked to perfection with the pokey thing so that it would hold chalk. The jukebox was blaring Huey Louis’ “Bad to the Bone” (this part […]

Funny Hustle

You know what’s funny? Going to a pool hall you’ve never been to and where no one knows you and just slamming every ball as hard as you can every game. I don’t know where the hustle works itself in but I think it would be funny as hell. As an aside I was playing […]

Evil Leave

I had an almost table run last night. I say “almost” because nothing went in when I broke but on my next turn at the table I ran all of my balls and the 8 without missing a shot. It was one of those nights that was just my night. The Mexicans I beat were […]


Life is spinning out of control! Lost my life savings betting on the outcome of Rocky’s second fight with Mr. T! How could I have known Balboa would come back to win it? CURSE YOU BOXING GODS!!! Got the beers and the liquors in with Guy in the UNLV Jacket the other day. Who’d have […]

Self Deception Bias

My homie Bernard has a pool table in his basement. Sometimes, instead of spending buku money to drink and shoot pool at the bar, we’ll just get some beer and liquor and shoot pool at his house. The same opponent competition was getting kind of old so Bernard started inviting his friend Danno over to […]

Weather, 9-ball, and Jesse Jackson

Rain is ignorant. So is lightning. Three quarters of the lights just went out on my floor after one particularly loud bolt from the heavens. My computer is still going but what I’m really worried about is how I’m going to get my mid-day burrito without getting wet. I might have to wait until the […]

Kick Shot

I made a three rail kick shot in pool yesterday.  I wasn’t doing it to be fancy, I was playing against a pretty good player and the opportunity presented itself, not just kind of presented itself, it came up in a game exactly like I practice it all the time. I was playing this Mexican […]