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The Incredibles

I plan on taking my children to see The Incredibles this weekend. I say I’m taking them but really I’m going to make them go so I don’t look like a retard going by myself to a movie where the audience is mostly kids. The stuff Pixar comes out with (A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, […]

The Virtue of Kenny McCormick

In the event that anyone might think that the Biblical post yesterday was an idle aside, it’s not. The effect that theism has had in forming contemporary ethics is huge and undeniable. But if theism is discredited, does that mean our entire system of western ethics is wrong? I was talking to this chick one […]

Prisoners, War, and Ethics

When I was a child I saw a war movie where some enemy forces threw up their hands and surrendered. They were taken prisoner by the Americans. I asked “Why don’t they just kill them?” My brother told me “That just isn’t done. When somebody surrenders, you don’t kill them, you take them prisoner.” At […]

Ayn Rand in the Hood

I’m at the bar with this girl the other night and having a good conversation. She’s getting ready to leave because she’s out of beer and money. I offer to buy a pitcher and split it with her. She says thanks but no, she’s an independent woman and doesn’t accept charity. Stealing from Hank Reardon […]