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An Aligning of the Stars

There have been times in my recent history when life has dealt me setback after calamity in such short order that I assessed my situation and was compelled to ask myself what have I done to deserve this? I’m basically a good guy or at the very least I can say I’m not malevolent so […]


How is it that this song has only 275 views?? Here is the voice of an angel. Translation to come soon.

To All My Friends

To all my friends, whether you side with the Zionists, Muslims, or moderates. Please listen to this song:

Legislative Buffoonery

This excerpt from a Time article about proposed legislation re: church and state: The North Carolina bill—which appears to be dead for now—was one of two big church-state blow-ups last week. In Tennessee, legislators withdrew a school voucher bill that would have allowed parents to direct taxpayer money to private schools, including Christian academies. The […]

Protecting Al-Assad

This is exactly what I was talking about in my last post. If the United States is not going to move against the thug President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad due to his crimes against humanity (and I understand the arguments against US involvement) there should at least be a legal means for US citizens to […]

Legal Mercenaries

May you die and burn in hell Bashar al-Assad for your war on Muslims and

Rote and Wrote

When I was in the third grade my family moved from Lansing Michigan to San Angelo Texas for a short period of time. The change in school systems was shocking to me. Whereas in Lansing we had classes that separated students according to reading ability enabling the more gifted students the opportunity to be challenged […]

Horde Rogue Elected to Maine State Senate

Political affiliation aside, this story is cool. Colleen Lachowicz was running for public office when her political opponents made a campaign issue about the fact that she plays World of Warcraft. The strategy backfired as she quickly became the most famous Maine resident since that St. Bernard that was eating people so Maine now has […]

Arabic Translation Toyor al Janah Iqra Nasheed

I have attempted a translation of Toyor Al Janah’s song “Iqra” on youtube. The purpose of this has been twofold, both to help familiarize myself with Arabic sentence structure (verb conjugation, pronouns, etc) and to give me practice typing in Arabic. Since most of the words in this nasheed are new to me I’ve had […]

Mental Image

I just read a breaking news headline that said “Government suing Bank of America alleging fraud against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” and this is the image that immediately came to mind.