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Anti Mexican Violence

Listen closely. At the 31 second mark, I think the narrator says hurling racial epitaphs. What is this country coming to when innocent people are having epitaphs hurled at them instead of epithets? Like, damn. . . Then the police commissioner, at a press conference, has to correct himself when he almost says “Messkins” instead […]


Government does not create wealth. At best, it simply moves around wealth that other people have created. At worst, it punishes productivity sending workers and private industry fleeing to other jurisdictions. Michigan’s Governor Granholm is a good example of the latter. From this article: Michigan has had the nation’s highest average annual unemployment rate since […]


The bald guy on CNN, Ali something or other, keeps having trouble saying “Norfolk, Virginia”. Twice he’s pronounced it “Norfuck.” Epic!!!!

Circular Reasoning

This is interesting. Alfred C. Liggins III writes an article seeking to debunk the myth that black voters are monolith that can be counted on to vote for Democrats in general and to vote for Obama specifically. I commiserate with him in his attempt to portray black voters as more discerning because I would that […]

Analogy Taken Too Far

John McCain’s camp is complaining that Governor Palin has been going rogue. That’s their characterization, not mine. It’s funny because I mentioned a few weeks ago that I didn’t think we were seeing the real Sarah Palin, which is understandable given that when she was tapped for the VP position her job was to appeal […]


I think that Governor Sarah Palin did the smart thing in refusing to answer a reporter’s feminist question. It’s not simply that this was obviously the setup to the knockdown question (aha! Then how can you call yourself a feminist if you oppose abortion??), it’s that certain labels, feminist in particular, can be used to […]


I had a dream that Wesley Snipes was a bus driver and he kicked my taco meat all across the parking lot. Then I got mad and made him pay me $20 for the taco meat. He paid me but I was still mad.

Contract Versus Conscience

It was one thing when the NFL began cracking down on excessive end zone celebrations or when the NBA decided to fine players for complaining in the postgame conferences about poor officiating, it is entirely another thing when The Cleveland Browns suspend Kellen Winslow for talking to the media about his staph infection. I never […]

Lip Service

President Bush claims to be a champion of free market economics but says he was forced to approve of government intervention in the economy because of “extraordinary circumstances.” I will point out that extraordinary circumstances aren’t the time to abandon your principles, that’s the time you need them most.

Sigh. . .

If you go to a person whose professional title is “therapist”, and you get sexually assaulted, how is this even actionable given that you should have known what was coming? What the hell ever happened to assumption of risk???