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Whoose Inkompetent?

They’re everywhere. . . People who are dumb but do not know it. People who are exceptionally bad at something and keep right on plugging along, oblivious to the fact that that other people are jamming fingers in their ears at their singing, cringing at their jokes, or shaking their heads at their pool shots. […]


Here is an update picture after one month of beginning an excercise routine. Out of like 12 pictures snapped this is the best one so that means in my other ones I’m even uglier than this. Note, this is not a correct fighting stance, I was fighting against a crippled kid and I was trying […]

On The Front Lines

insurgent#1: I don’t have the heart for this anymore. This isn’t working, we’re spinning our wheels for no reason, all is lost. I’m going to quit. insurgent#2: If you quit now you’ll dissapoint all your loyal fans. insurgent#1: What fans? We’ve been killing our own civilians. The regular Iraqis hate us. insurgent #2: I’m not […]

Is Dubya Stupid?

Aiden commented that it is evident that Dubya is stupid and that the US has become the laughingstock of the world. But is Dubya really stupid? Think about it: I quote UNLV from half a year ago when we were debating prisoner of war ethics: This war is being fought for the same reasons all […]

The Mexigogue Takes on a Cult

This is an old story but nobody knows about it but me and perhaps Sir Courvoisier so it’s new to the rest of y’all. Here goes: Back in 1996 when I was new to the internet, I used to use my roomate’s AOL account and jump on the Islam Beliefs chatroom all the time and […]

The Way We Were

Leroy’s Night (written in the style of Fyodor Dostoevesky)

Michael Mexigov entered the tavern with the intention of playing billiards and perhaps washing down some fish stew with a glass or two of vodka. To his surprise, his friend Dave Fromthe”D”nikov was already there, partaking in a game with the his esteemed billiard master Rever Yousumnavich. Michael hailed the serving woman and broke some […]

My Politics

“These neighborhoods are still poor” I said “because when affirmative action came into play and people from here started to get jobs they didn’t reinvest in their communities. They didn’t build this place up, they moved out.” I wasn’t really voicing my own thoughts, it was something that I had read in a book and […]

Formative Years

Many people don’t know this about me. I’m actually a twin. My earliest memories involve me playing with my twin brother Michael. I was actually called Michael number two. We had all sorts of fun together. We were, like, identical. I always got along well with all my siblings but Michael and I were the […]

Libertad de Mi Familia

It’s the 4th of July but I don’t have the usual story of how my forefathers walked down the gangplank on Ellis Island or bound and chained in the bowels of a slaveship. My grandfather came here first as a legal migrant worker from Mexico in the World War II era ‘Bracero’ program (loosely meaning […]