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Just Walk Away

This story begins with an article I was reading in the Lansing State Journal online edition about a couple who was killed on the south side of Lansing. According to initial reports they died in an explosion when someone threw something through their front door but later reports indicated that autopsies were being performed to […]

Group Identity

World War II brought the conflagration of incompatible worldviews. In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hilter was convinced that the German people were destined for a climactic battle against the Slavic people of the east, who he regarded as both physical and morally inferior to the Germans. At the same time in the east, however, inspired by […]

Art work

This is a picture I drew, scanned, then colored in. No laughing at me, it’s not my best work by a long shot and plus I want to be a writer, not an illustrator.

I Wish

Racial disagreements make me sad. I join Sarah Silverman in her wishes.

Race Relations

I don’t like to write about race relations because of the effect the subject has on people. I don’t mean the anger, I write about stuff that I know will piss people off all the time. I’m talking about the way that subject of race can take people who are normally intelligent, thoughtful, and rational, […]

Drinking with the Enemy

If you had to drink a beer with someone you were at odds with, which beer would it be and why? For my part, I’m going to decline to do the obvious which would be to name a beer I have previously blogged about. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I […]

The Logical Conclusion

In any nation that holds the good of society to be the highest standard, the individual ceases to be seen as a valuable entity worthy of basic rights and protections. We have seen this in theocratic totalitarian regimes like Iran, we have seen it in fascist governments like Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and now we see […]

Decriminalizing Marijuana

I have mixed feelings about California’s proposal to decriminalize weed. I don’t think there is a legitimate reason for cannabis to be illegal but I think this bill is being considered for all the wrong reasons. This is a desperation measure by the state of California in an attempt to prop up that thing that […]

A New Thought

No I don’t mean a new thought in the history of humankind, I mean something just occurred to me that I had personally never thought of before. One of the most common objections to the concept of evolutionary biology is the hostility to the possibility that personality traits, to some degree, might be innate rather […]

Socialized Health Care

I have avoided commenting on the new administration thus far because I didn’t want to make any rash judgments. Now, however, that I see the issue where this President is using all this political clout, the direction of this change is unmistakable. The obvious conclusion is this: Government control is going to do to health […]