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Rachael is Insane

I don’t normally post more than one blog entry in a day but this is begging for it. Rachael is insane! She just posted the most . .. . UHHHHH!!!! I can’t even bear to label it! Here blog is all WRONG!!! It’s about love. I’ll spare you the thing in it’s entirety but here […]


I was called at work yesterday on a secret mission to change the business cards for the Division Manager. It seems the name of the Division is changing but I’m not allowed to tell anybody yet. We’re no longer even going to have the words HIV/AIDS and STD in the name of the Division itself. […]

Hostage Trade

I know it’s the US policy not to ever negotiate in hostage situations but this time we really ought to give in. It seems an Iraqi group called the Al Mujahedeen Brigade posted a picture on a website of what they say is an American Special Forces hostage being held at gunpoint. They are threatening […]

The Vote

An excerpt from a CNN story about the Iraqi vote. One of the first to vote was President Ghazi al-Yawar, a Sunni Muslim Arab with a large tribal following, who cast his ballot inside Baghdad’s fortress-like Green Zone. He emerged from the booth with a smile, his right index finger stained with bright blue ink […]


All my stories begin with me shooting pool at Leroy’s. This one begins on Friday: “What do you mean what’s my name?” I respond, irritated because I don’t like when people I don’t know come up and question me. “What’s your name?” “Beauchamp.” It takes a second for me to register. “Lionel Beauchamp??? From seventh […]

Persuasive Writing

In checking out blogs of a politcal nature I usually assume that the writer is intending to sway the minds of his readers, either to convert the misguided to his point of view or to buttress the views of those who already agree with him. A political piece that is not aimed at convincing the […]

Your Social Security Statement

I just received my Social Security Statement in the mail the other day. I decided to read it as I’m fascinated by hustles of all kinds. This information packet is surprisingly open about the hook. It is described on the first page under “What Social Security Means to You”: Today there are almost 36 million […]

No, Really. This is How They Drive

An Asian dude is being charged with attempted murder for ramming his vehicle into a car his daughter was riding in. First question: isn’t this the same guy who shot all those hunters? How did he get out so soon? And second, charging him with attempted murder for ramming the other car might be a […]


You can tell a lot about a person from what kind of things they write about. I used to keep notebooks around the house so I could start writing when I needed to work out thought processes. The end product is some scary stuff if it ever got into the hands of a psychologist. You […]

Stupid Bowl

I know I’m getting old when the newspaper says the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Superbowl for the first time in 24 years and I’m like “Nuh uh, they just played the Raiders a little while back and some kid brought the tape in and we watched it in Mrs. Springer’s class.” It’s been […]