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Medical Update

Please excuse teh Mexigogue from submitting a regular blog entry. I have cancer of the face. My entire face has been eaten away and there’s nothing left but a grinning skull and two uncomprehending red eyes, it’s really quite embarassing. The recovery time is expected to take 24 hours or two pitchers of beer, whichever […]


I don’t like it when people use words wrong. Sometimes when they do it it’s because a word with a technical meaning has become overused by people in general until it begins to take on non technical secondary meaning. Thus “alternative” which comes from the latin “alter” (the other of two), which originally meant the […]

The Mighty Pinkerton Guards

I think they’re Pinkerton that guard the State buildings. Anyway one one of them confiscated my ID yesterday. To preface suffice it to say that as a contract employee my state ID has to be renewed every year. Last year about this time the scrutinizing eye of the old guy Pinkerton guard caught the expired […]

Ultimate Battle

Bruce Lee versus The Wiggles. Any questions?

Touch Fouls

No this is not a post about Michael Jackson. In the world of debate (proper) the times are seldom when your argument will actually render your opponent physically unconscious and unable to rise for a ten count. For that reason debates are almost always won or lost in the eyes of the spectators (even if […]


Go Miami. I’m from Miami so I can say that. I fondly remember my childhood, going to Miami Elementary School, Miami Junior High, and the day I proudly graduated from Miami High School. Go Miami Heat!!! Beat those other guys. In other news Mexico beat Iran in their first World Cup game of the year. […]

Bad Day!!

FIRST of all I had to get up an hour earlier for work so I’ve been tired all day. THEN I’ve been at work and I was all hungry. SO I got Popeye’s Chicken for lunch and the grease made me feel all icky. I got back to the office and immediately had to go […]

The Day I Had a Feud

Summer of 1996 (or thereabouts): Living at 822 Clayton, Guy in the UNLV Jacket is my roommate. I stop by Quality Dairy on West Willow and meet this chick named Gina who works there. I get her phone number and invite her over “to play cards”. That was the catchphrase back in the day. Gina […]


Ok, this guy in Virginia was scheduled to be executed for a triple homicide he committed. His lawyers, however, had argued for and gotten a temporary stay of execution on the grounds that they claim their client is schizophrenic and does not understand the concept of death. The temporary stay has been lifted and so […]


This keeps on happening. Once again DNA evidence has exonerated a man who had been imprisoned on a rape conviction. Once again we see a news article showing the face of a man who is happy just to be out. Once again it’s a black guy and once again he appears to show no bitterness […]