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Affirmative Action

When I was about nine years old (1979) some people were talking to me about my future and what I could do when I grew up. One person said “You can work for the State!” My first reaction was “Fuck the State”. They said “The State will hire you because they always need minorities.” I […]

Deja Who

January 2002 I awake from a dream. It’s about three in the morning and I’m on the living room floor next to the couch where She Who is Not to be Named has been sleeping. She feels my eyes upon her and she opens hers. I’ve spent almost every waking moment away from work with […]

Heavenly Creatures

Ok. This weekend I saw this movie call Heavenly Creatures. I had never heard of it before but I read the info on it as I was scrolling through the guide info for the cable channels. It’s a movie based on a true story about two teenage girls, Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, who develop […]

Political Ads

I’m voting against every candidate who called me with a recorded message. Seriously, that is fucked up. You want to waste my time with some canned platitudes and you don’t even have the common decency to have a real live person on the other end for me to cuss out for interrupting my evening meal? […]

Dear Blog People

I regret to announce that I’ll be unable to post for the rest of the week because I have AIDS 

Hard Times

I wrote a rap about how hard it is to work in a state office. Here it is.


Click for the A short documentary video clip. Ok, watch the video clip, and THEN read my commentary at the bottom of this page. Remember, WATCH the clip first or the commentary will spoil the video. Ready? Go! Ok, now for my commentary. After I made this video I showed it to someone. This person […]

The World Serious

This year’s World Series is drawing record low television ratings. The problem, baseball afficianados say, is that this year’s matchup is boring. The thing that I’d like to point out, however, IS THAT BASEBALL HAS ALWAYS BEEN BORING!!! THAT’S WHY PETE ROSE PLACED ALL THOSE BETS SO HE WOULDN’T FALL A FUCKEN SLEEP! EVEN THE […]


Most days I don’t smoke at all, just as most days I don’t drink, but I always have a pack of cigarettes with me just in case a game of pool breaks out. I’m not physically addicted to nicotine. Often days go by without pool and beer and I therefore have no desire to smoke, […]

More Random Thoughts

For Halloween I’m gonna be Some Puerto Rican Guy. The only thing I have to do differently is learn to dance when I fight. This will come into play in the event of a bar brawl, I just hope I can snap and sing in time with my opponent. Things I have learned this week: […]