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Tap Dancing Rapist Delights South Lansing Neighborhood

A 24 year old Lansing woman was sexually assaulted Sunday night on Lansing’s south side, then neighbors were treated to a pleasant surprise as the rapist tap-danced his way away from the scene. Witnesses described the man as an excellent dancer and the entire neighborhood recalled his actions with smiles and accolades. “I was working […]


Death notices

Citizen Quasar Has Low Self Esteem

As some of you undoubtedly know, there was once a person calling himself Citizen Quasar who used to post comments to this blog from time to time. This person was fairly knowledgable about Ayn Rand’s Rational Objectivist philosophy (which is how he found a link to this blog in the first place as I used […]

The Fight of the Century/pay per view

Finally, a battle worth paying for. I am going to order this!!!

Dabbling in Mysticism

When I was in grade school I used to write love notes to girls I liked. I put my heart and my very soul into these letters. I did my best to produce legible penmanship (something I still struggle with today) and I agonized over the wording, taking care to convey every thought with poetic […]

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Patience is fucking IGNORANT!!! Anybody who tells you that patience is a virtue is a lying ass-clown who has a vested interest in making you wait EVEN LONGER so they can continue to take advantage of making you fucking WAIT! FUCK PEOPLE WHO MOVE SLOW!!! THE DEATH PENALTY TO ALL YOU FOOT-DRAGGING SHUFFLING BITCHES!!!!! PATIENCE […]

America’s Army Video

I made an America’s Army video. Check it out.

Ignorance Explained

From “How the Mind Works” by Steven Pinker: Sociologists have long been puzzled that the largest category of motives for homicide in American cities is not robbery, drug deals gone sour, or other tangible incentives. It is a category they call “altercation of relatively trivial origin; insult, curse, jostling, etc.” Two young men argue over […]

Argument with an African Girl

A couple of months ago I met this girl from Botswana.  She was visiting the United States for the first time (she’s friends with UNLV Jacket’s wife) so I got to know her a little bit.  The diminuative of her name is Amo and she’s very smart and really fun to be around but we […]

New Cartoon

Spongebob & Patrick meet Terrance from the Terrance and Phillip Show.