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Lip Service

President Bush claims to be a champion of free market economics but says he was forced to approve of government intervention in the economy because of “extraordinary circumstances.” I will point out that extraordinary circumstances aren’t the time to abandon your principles, that’s the time you need them most.

Sigh. . .

If you go to a person whose professional title is “therapist”, and you get sexually assaulted, how is this even actionable given that you should have known what was coming? What the hell ever happened to assumption of risk???

Old School Terror

Get back modern CGI, nothing you can put together can hold a candle to The Land of the Lost, the show that terrorized television viewing audiences back in my day. As a further note, you can now see why King Kong and Star Wars really rocked our collective boat after that.

Palin/Biden Debate

I think this marks the first time in my life I’ve ever watched either a Presidential or Vice Presidential debate, or at least I watched half of it until Southpark came on. It’s not that I’m not interested in politics, I certainly am (and I also mean ‘interested’ in the literal, original form of the […]

Want Your Thoughts:

McOwned. Discuss!


Why do otherwise rational people seem to think that typing of an expiration date on a product magically prevents the contents of the container from spoiling before the printed date? So much so to where many of these people will actually ignore their olfactory senses and consume these products even when they plainly have begun […]

Best Movie Ever


For some reason I’m trying to figure out, I find eyes like these to be very attractive. Angelina Jolie. Kate Winslet Alorina Insane eyes are the ones I like the best but I don’t know why. It’s highly unlikely that this preference on my part is the result of any genetic advantage over liking sane […]

Sarah Palin, King of teh Eskimos!

I told myself I have to stop speaking on things based on first impressions because it often turns out that my first impressions are mistaken in some form and I then end up on the wrong side of the argument. I will, however, tell you what I thought about John McCain tapping Sarah Palin for […]


A recent blast from the past (video link).