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Game Day

It is grudge match day as my pool team, Leroy’s team 12 plays againt the evil Leroy’s team for our only scheduled match against each other this season. A lot is at stake, not only because our teams are right next to each other in the league standings but also bragging rights and my own […]

Mixing Pot

Lansing Michigan must be the Mixed People Capitol of the World. I’ve spent the past week hanging out with this biracial girl (black and white). The other night we were hanging out and ran into my half brother’s half sister Marissa (black and Mexican). Then things started going kind of wrong so I was commiserating […]


This lesbian couple was just married Thursday in San Fransisco, the first time that gay couples were ever issued marriage licenses. This marriage is just wrong. They’re too old to be married.

We Love to See You Smile

Slow day for ideas. This will have to do for today’s entry.

Pool Players

Pool players are a different breed. Whether they are the ones who beat you quietly or if they talk to you while they’re at it, with the very good ones there is a certain swagger when they approach the table. How’s that Nike commercial go? I’m better than you, and I can prove it. When […]

The other MexiMuslim gets to see a lawyer. Padilla I can’t help but to think that if he ever finds out about me he’s going to claim to be the real MexiMuslim, having hooked up with Al Qaida and all. I’m not much of a Muslim lately. I can’t even remember the last time I […]

Dummy Awards

He he, you go Darwin! Can you hear me now?

Because the French Haven’t Alienated Enough People Yet

Maybe they want to make sure that anti French sentiment doesn’t become too partisan so they had to even it out by alienating the other side too. This sickens me. Is there really any difference between a government that dictates that women must veil and one that dictates that women are not ALLOWED to? Since […]

The Scary Face Candidate

I was checking out the other blogs out there and I stumbled upon one authored by a Mexican Jew. Besides the fact that it’s mildly disturbing that his very existence appears coldly calculated to mock mine, he makes one very good point about Presidential candidate John Kerry: John Kerry keeps winning primary’s (sic). That guy […]

Random Observations

Here are some things I’ve learned or thought of in the past 24 hours. They come in no particular order. 1. Perhaps when drunk people fall down it’s God’s way of telling them it’s time to go home before they say some more dumb shit. 2. There is no question of affirmative action in pool. […]