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Ramadan Day 1

Soooo when you wake up to eat before the sun comes up and you drink one glass of water and you feel like that’s enough, it’s really not. I should have forced myself to drink three. I have just under two hours to go til iftar and I’m premeditating a mixture of iced tea and […]


It’s the day before Ramadan. I look forward to fasting. I’m normally not very observant so when I say I’m fasting it’s not like a holier than thou thing. If anything I’m like Rasputin except I don’t mystically heal people or bring down the Russian empire. I’m between jobs so I started playing WoW again […]

Wait, what??

I only posted 3 blog posts last year? Seriously?? I mean, I knew I wasn’t writing much due to the fact that I’m busy doing actual work instead of being employed by State government but damn. Actually I don’t think it has much to do with being busy or not. I don’t shoot pool anymore, […]

The Almighty Bias

In American jurisprudence potential jurors are often asked if they can suspend bias and render a fair and impartial judgment. Most people answer yes and I believe that they believe they can. I also believe that most of them are wrong and the reason they don’t realize it is because they underestimate the strength and […]

No Comment

I once got into a conversation with this female at work I didn’t know very well. These types of things tend to be pleasant more times than not, giving me an opportunity to learn a little about the people with whom I work but in this case the conversation took a weird turn. Let me […]

Situational Contingencies, Multiple Variations of Truth

“Is it bad if you took an online personality disorder test and you flagged for, like 5 different personality disorders?” I asked a coworker. “What? But you don’t have a personality disorder!” I will give you, dear reader, a full two minutes to finish laughing. Five if you know me in real life. Let me […]

White People Problems

Pumpin Festival Riot

Then, Now, Us and Them (Part 2)

I think I remember where I was going with this: Up until very recently there was not even a concept of a global ethic. Most of human history occurred in the pre-state era when people routinely made war upon their neighbors or at the very least regarded them with little or no compassion. Communities competed […]

Then, Now, Us and Them

When I was a child the landscape of downtown Lansing was very different than it is today. There used to be two theaters in the downtown area, the Knapps, JC Penny, and Walgreen stores were thriving businesses, and the Radisson Hotel and Lansing Centers had not yet been built. In many ways the downtown area […]


My daughter is away now at a four year university. I am extremely proud and happy for her and of course, as always, I want the best for her. At the same time, I can’t help feeling somewhat sad for myself at times. There are elements of her personality for which I find commonalities not […]